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Christian parents of girl, 14, who wants to change gender forced to take legal action against their local council after it backs her efforts against their wishes 

The girl's parents claim social workers are ignoring their traditional Christian beliefs and said their rights are being eroded as they object to attempts by their daughter to become a boy.

25 minutes ago
Daily Mail


Dead British man who was found stripped and tied to an airport bench was 'found with a slice of ham on each buttock and his genitals wedged into a can of TUNA'

The mysterious death of British man Steven Allford, 51, at Malaga airport took a bizarre turn today after it emerged he was found with a slice of ham on each buttock and his genitals in a tuna can.
31 minutes ago
Daily Mail

Tom Ford: ‘I wore a suit on set. It's a uniform… I feel weak in trainers’

As his much-anticipated second movie, Nocturnal Animals, is released, the designer turned film director talks about dress code, family and eccentricityAs I enter the hotel suite, Tom Ford stands in silhouette against an industrial, ceiling-height window, the light refracted behind him in a sunburst. It’s an irresistible image, so perfect it almost had to be composed: both man and room shown off to their optimal effect. And, who am I kidding, it probably was. I had been checked at the door for a minute or two while Ford had rearranged some furniture that was irking him. Even a rented room, used for a day to plug a new movie, can be improved. Ford is obsessed with beautiful things and has had an enduring and hugely successful career, first in fashion, now as a film director, making people and places look their best.Ford strides towards me, eager, like a politician on the election trail, and extends his hand. I had read that he prefers to be called “Mr Ford” and check if that’s the case. “No, no, no,” he smiles, as if it was one of the top five most ridiculous things he’s ever heard. “Pleeease call me Tom.” Continue reading...
43 minutes ago
The Guardian

Bed, board and breathing on a yoga and surf retreat in Jersey

This Channel Islands wellness bolthole offers a ‘detox without realising it’ by marrying the two disciplines and serving guests healthy, vegetarian meals Does everyone start a health retreat this way, I wonder, downing a large glass of wine, eating a Bounty and whizzing off work emails as I sit waiting for my delayed plane at Gatwick. Three days later I am doing a sun salutation, feeling the rays on my skin and looking over a vast, near-empty beach filling the horizon.My first attempt at surfing is like trying to stand up in a washing machine Continue reading...
43 minutes ago
The Guardian

On my radar: Susan Greenfield’s cultural highlights

The scientist and writer on The Affair, a Swedish arts centre and a book that tackles machine intelligenceBaroness Susan Greenfield was born in London and studied experimental psychology at Oxford, gaining her DPhil in 1977. Her work focuses on the physiology of the brain, with an emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and on the impact of 21st-century technologies on the mind, which she describes as “mind change”. She was named woman of the year by the Observer in 2000, and in 2006 was made an honorary fellow of the British Science Association. Greenfield sits in the House of Lords as a crossbencher. Her latest book, A Day in the Life of the Brain: The Neuroscience of Consciousness from Dawn Till Dusk, published by Allen Lane (£20), is out now. Continue reading...
43 minutes ago
The Guardian



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